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Results 1 to 14 of OS X Keeps going back to Login. I did in fact drop my MacBook from about 3 ft a couple weeks ago.

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I did several Disk Utility checks on my hard drive without finding any issues. My DVD Superdrive however is broken from the drop.

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As for right now, when I boot up and wait for it to go to the Login Screen, I type in my password and it shows my wallpaper. My mouse has that round colorfulwheel thinking thing, my dock doesn't show up and nothing shows up on the desktop besides the wallpaper.

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After about seconds it turns blue and goes back to the login screen. Does anyone else have this problem and deleting launchservices doesnt help?

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Is this problem vindictive of a failing hard drive due to the drop? If so, would I be able to retain all my files from my old HD and move it to the new one?

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In addition to the above, last night my macbook was working fine until I had a pop up this morning saying to reboot in order to install update. The moment I clicked reboot and entered my password, all these problems started happening. I was wondering if this could be part of the problem. I would start the troubleshooting with rehousing the RAM.

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Do you mean taking out my ram and putting it back in? When I log on with safe mode it goes back to the login screen just the same. How to remove or install memory. So weird, it miraculously started working again after a whole day of trying things Didn't even get a chance to take the ram out thanks so much! Weird, my OS is up but every time I try to use commands like copy, cut, paste the colorful wheel comes back up and it just thinks for a while then closes the folder. Any thoughts?

Configuring Your MacBook Login Screen - dummies

Also, you can run a hardware test from your original install disc the one that says Apple Hardware test in small print by booting holding D while you boot, but the hardware test rarely spots the problems which are intermittent. Select the List of Users radio button for a list login screen or select the Name and Password radio button for a simple login screen where you must type your username and password the latter is, of course, more secure but also less convenient than the list login screen. From here, you can change your account password and picture, the card marked as yours within the Address Book, the Apple ID associated with your account and whether Parental Controls are set.

You see the confirmation dialog. Although Mac OS X will display the login screen after one minute, someone can still saunter up and click the Cancel button, thereby gaining access to your stuff.

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Therefore, make it a practice to always click the Log Out button on this screen before your hand leaves the mouse, or bypass the confirmation dialog altogether by holding down the Option key as you click Log Out from the menu! If you disable this feature, Lion will not automatically restore your desktop when you log back in.

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I love Resume, but Apple has wisely made it optional instead of mandatory. Click the name, and a menu appears; click Login Window, and another user can then log in as usual.