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The blue stuff is corrosion from water. Antonio Villas-Boas. Based on the quote, I suspect Apple's repair would involve replacing the "logic board," which includes the most expensive parts of a computer, like the processor, the RAM, the storage, and the graphics processor.

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Without a logic board, a laptop is essentially just an empty shell and a screen. Before committing to Apple's repair or buying a whole new computer, I had one more option to check out: Rossmann's repair quote also shocked me, but in a good way: Today, my wife's MacBook Pro is running just as well as it did before she accidentally gave it the water treatment. And she still has all her data, too. Rossmann's repair team replaced a single, small chip on the logic board, instead of replacing the entire logic board, which is what I suspect Apple would have done.

A Mac laptop logic board contains everything that makes the computer actually work. It's entirely possible that Apple's repair team could have also replaced the single chip for a dramatically lower repair cost, but Apple takes a no-risk-whatsoever approach when it comes to repairs, especially with liquid damage.

Even if a laptop appears to work properly after a simple minor chip replacement, it's possible that liquid damage could cause problems later down the line. With that risk in mind, Apple would rather totally replace the logic board, even if it's going to come with a huge price tag. That way, Apple and its customers have the guaranteed peace of mind that the laptop is fully functional, just as it was when you first unboxed it.

2011 Macbook Pro 15" A1286 Logic Board Replacement

With liquid damaged Mac laptops, you're essentially getting a new computer — albeit with the same specs as the original — if you go the Apple repair route. Only the shell and the display are original.

Should everyone take their broken Mac laptops to "unauthorized" repair shops?

My experience was at a single unauthorized repair shop in New York City, and it doesn't necessarily represent the experience others might have at other unauthorized repair shops around the country, or world. It worked! I was ready to recycle my late 15" Macbook when I came across this method.

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The only mistake I made was breaking the wire to the speaker I pried when I should have slid. The speakers don't work but can still use external speaker and headphones. I found a couple of other YouTube videos to clarify some of the instruction. I used a long cool down in the oven with the door ajar. Where will we need to put the thermal compound? I know what it is, but not sure where it goes, in Step 8. Reply 2 months ago. I suggest searching on youtube on how to replace thermal compound for your particular model and year of laptop as it will vary. Question 3 months ago. Can someone explain to me in detail on how and why this works?

Are there any risks into doing this? I don't know much about this, so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance. It worked?! It worked!! One thing to note is that some flux bubbled out from under the AMD chip after about 3 minutes and continued until I opened the oven door slightly. Reply 3 months ago.

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I also have a Late MBP Any pointers I should be aware of? Not really anything extra to be aware of. I followed the instructions exactly. Just make sure you note all the ribbon cable locations and screws etc etc. The logic board balancing on the aluminum foil legs is pretty wobbly But I was pleasantly surprised this worked: Question 4 months ago on Step 2.

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Can I get a little instruction on how to clean the logic board and remove the compound? Also need to know how to apply new compound.

Mac Pro Logic Board | eBay

I've got a late 15" Macbook pro. Thank you! Answer 4 months ago. Just simple rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Be sure not to leave any paper fibers behind. New compound will go between the cooling rails and chips. Just a pea sized bit. Worked for a late macbook pro with horizontal stripes and crash on boot. Reply 4 months ago. Great to hear it worked! I have the same computer. Can you tell me how you cleaned the logic board and removed the old thermal compound?

Also how you applied the new compound. Reply 5 months ago. The thermal paste helps to carry the heat away from the three main computer chips on the lower side of the logic board onto a thermal pipe, which is then cooled by the fans on the right and left side of the logic board. You can get this stuff at Radio Shack, or other places that sell electronics hobbyist supplies.

Replace logic board or buy new MacBook Pro?

You will need to clean off the dried thermal compound that is on the 3 main computer chips on the lower side of the logic board, before you put it in the oven. Before putting the logic board back into the case, you should clean off the dried thermal compound on the 3 rectangular plates located on the heat pipe that runs along the back of the lower inside of case. You will want to add some fresh thermal paste to these 3 rectangular plates, before you place the logic board back into place.